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Horse riding can be a safe and an extremely rewarding hobby when the rider takes steps to minimize risks. As with any of the most enjoyable activities in life, it is impossible to eliminate all risks. But, by educating yourself to equestrian safety, the possibility of injury can be greatly reduced. Everybody who rides a horse, no matter how experienced, eventually has a fall. But they can be managed so those adverse events are not so frequent and are less severe when they do occur.

A combination of common sense and caution is needed when dealing with horses. About 85% of riding injuries result from a fall, so the best way to protect yourself from serious injury is by wearing protective gear. Not only wear it, but make sure that it fits properly and is in good condition so it can do the job.

Research has found that most riders are aware of the correct safety equipment: helmets, riding boots, gloves, and protective body padding and safety stirrups. Unfortunately, more than three-quarters do not use some of the most effective precautions: padding and safety stirrups.

Stirrup Safety - Wear a boot with a good heel to keep your foot from slipping through the stirrups. Not being able to get your foot free during a mishap is a terrifying experience and can result in the rider being dragged. As an additional precaution, you can prevent dragging accidents by using a safety stirrup.

You can be severely injured if your foot is not released from the stirrup in a fall and you are dragged along the ground. Safety stirrups are designed to release your foot in the event of a fall.

SmartRider Pty Ltd invents, designs, develops and manufactures horse safety stirrups. For the typical English style riding we have our SmartRider 'Classic' Breakaway stirrup and for the Western style riding we have our 100% Australian, (manufactured right here in the 'Smart State' of Queensland) SmartRider 'Escape' Breakaway range.

SmartRider Breakaway stirrups give peace of mind to all riders and their loved ones.

Whilst our SmartRider Breakaway Stirrup's won't stop you from falling, they will allow you to enjoy the freedom of horse riding, secure with the knowledge that if you do part company with your horse, you'll do just that!!!

SmartRider Pty Ltd (Previously known as SafeRider Australia Pty Ltd) and Equine Inventions Pty Ltd have formed an association where we now jointly and very proudly promote and market our unique Breakaway Stirrups under the SmartRider name and logo.

Welcome to the SmartRider website.
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