From Berlin to Bondi……………………

Life for Mr Peter Zillmer CEO of SmartRider Pty Ltd has always been at a break neck speed, exciting, interesting, varied! Nothing he has ever undertaken is done half heartedly be it with either work or play and failure is never an option! With ‘true grit’ and determination, this gently spoken man from humble war torn beginnings in Berlin has achieved much, contributed enormously to Australia and continues to do so. 

Peter created his own multi million dollar, thriving construction business on the island of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea, which at its peak employed over eight hundred people. Very quickly he learnt that he had to be extremely innovative, inventive, in order to survive successfully  the challenges of making a living in a third world country, this all came to  a sad end when civil war on the island destroyed everyone’s  existence and the non indigenous community was  evacuated at a moments notice had to leave all behind! 

Mr Zillmer had virtually lost all and was now in the situation of returning to Australia, a man in his fifties and having to start from scratch all over again!!!!!!! Not a problem! A friend of Peter’s, a professional horseman, approached him with a stirrup and wanted help to develop the stirrup further so that it would release a rider in the event of a fall, as his best friend had died after sustaining horrific injuries when he was dragged after falling from a horse. Intrigued by the potential and fascinated by the function and concept, Peter immediately took up the challenge and worked full-time and came up with what is now known as the SmartRider ‘Classic’ Breakaway Stirrup. Made from ultra tough, corrosive resistant, marine grade stainless steel, certified at the highest international standards. Peter is now officially recognised as Co Inventor of the SmartRider ‘Classic’ Breakaway Stirrup and many professional equestrian riders such as Franke Sloothaak, Ludger Beerbaum, Maria Gretzer, John Whittaker, Vicki and Wayne Roycraft, plus Queensland, New South Wales, Victorian, New York and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are all using SmartRider Breakaway Stirrups. 

Having enjoyed much success with the ‘Classic’, Peter recently launched the SmartRider ‘Escape’ Breakaway Stirrup, which he did solely invent and develop to production stage, a two part stirrup that disengages, setting the rider free when in a position of danger! Very proudly Australian in Invention, Design, Development and manufactured here in the ‘Smart State’ of Queensland! 

Made of an engineered composite material that comes in a vast array of colours and with  incorporated UV protection within its design, it also has the added aiding provision, when tilted to a 180 degree angle, the unique system doubles as a ladder!

Every year in Australia alone, 28 people die from horse related accidents and over 3000 people annually suffer serious debilitating injuries that have greatly contributed to the exorbitant insurance costs within the horse riding industry and placed tremendous strain on our health care system. Many of these individuals have sustained permanent injuries that will require lifetime medical care! Peter thinks that it is high time for the ‘Smart State’, who happens to have the worst incident rate by far in Australia to get proactive in its support to improve safety in the industry through legislating safety products to proven standards.  Peter specifically invented and designed the SmartRider ‘Escape’ Breakaway Stirrups for young riders, the future of our nation, who like to be trendy and to make safety more attractive for them.

The horse industry contributes 8 billion dollars into the Australian economy annually and is growing; Peter believes that smart inventions that can potentially save lives and prevent injuries are most fitting to be supported by the ‘Smart State’ through legislation!!!!!!

be smart, not sorry…………………………………..