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Saved my life today, 7/2/2008
by Diann Procter, Elm Mott, TX

Product Attributes: *****
Value for price paid: *****
Meets Expectations: *****
Overall Quality: *****
Fit Accuracy: *****
Styling: *****

I am 60 years old and today my paint mare rared and fell on my right leg. Then she turned and began to run. I remembered to lift my toe and the stirrup broke loose. We were riding on about 30 acres. She did step on my leg but nothing was broken. I do believe I am alive today because of my Escape Breakaway stirrups!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you
Recommends this product: Yes
Age: 60
Gender: F
Has owned product for: 2-3 months
Uses product: Every day

Dear Nicole,

My apologies for taking so long to get back to you.Firstly I would like to tell you I am very happy with my blue breakaway stirrups.Not only do I feel very safe while riding but extremely comfortable on long rides and easy to use to mount etc.Your service and supply of them was great too.
I have had quite a few enquiries about them and one who is eager to purchase a set but we are unable to access your website so she can see the range.Would you mind posting me some more pamphlets on your stirrups so I can pass on to those interested ? I think they are fantastic and those who have actually seen them (they are hard to describe without a pic or stirrup) are impressed also.My computer is not that flash or reliable enough to send that info via email so my address for postage of some pamphlets if you are interested is

Vanessa Jenkins

Good Morning Nicole,

We would be delighted to have our web site linked to yours, we loved your products and enjoyed Peter very much also, I hope & trust we can have a long & highly successful relationship.

Kindest regards,
Norman McLean.
Susan River Homestead.

I just wanted to say, I have had a pair of these for about a year or so, and
I love them. Would never ride without them again - they have worked every
time I've fallen off, and once I think saved me from being dragged

There is a photo of my horse just after I fell off once - (she's saying she
didn't mean to heheh!) - but I thought I'd show you

Thank you for making a wonderful safety product - they are great to use and
I will never go back to normal stirrup irons ever again as I would not feel
safe without my saferider stirrups :)

Mt Barker SA

Hi Nicole,

I love your products, and am pleased to be carrying them. Would you list us
on your site as a retailer?

Our email address is:

Web address is:

Mailing address is:
PO Box 4187
Manchester NH 03108

Phone 603-645-1811
Or toll free (in US and Canada) 888-253-8811


I bought a pair of your escape stirrups at the Quilty in Boonah and think they are the greatest. I would like to order another set for my other saddle that I ride in. Every time I try to go to your website it doesn't work so if you can let me know how to pay and order these stirrups I would like to.

Thanks Jayn

Attention Peter Zilmer:

My name is Heather Roberts and I attended an accrediation course on the week end run by Paul Davenport,he showed us your new concept of stirrups.
I am very impressed as I am only 152 cm tall the ladder is a terrific idea as well as the saftey of the breaka way system,.I have in my possession a pair of brown Breakway Stirrups and lader.
Paul suggested I contact re a price, I am an ATHRA member,could you please give me a price and instructions of hoiw to pay you.
Heather Roberts,
Looking forward to your reply.

Hello! Still very happy and cheerful! Glad that you have sent the new link, as I just had someone ask about my stirrups the other day, as they are interested in purchasing a pair! Now I know exactly where to direct them!
My stirrups are working great- they have been rained on, swam in, jumped with, and generally used heaps, and yet they still polish up to there original shine on show day! I had one judge coment that I should use more 'Traditional' stirrups at shows, but once I explained the safety features of the stirrups, they were recommending them to others :-)
Thanks again for a wonderful product!

Hi Nicole

I am showing the stirrups to all my clients and I will be taking them to some clinics that I have coming up.
Everyone has very positive things to say about them.
I will keep you posted.

Jane Myers MSc (Equine)

Have found smart rider to be excellent for western and stock saddles, they provide added security and safety which has been warranted in the industry for may years. All our staff that conduct rides use them, but because our clients turn up in joggers with no heals, the same problem of feet going through the strip is prevalent. So for all client stock saddles we have used toe stoppers but because I am an assistant clinic instructor with the AHSE I will be recommending your product at clinics in the future. Your product is a great design and a lot of thought and engineering has gone into the development of your product which I really appreciate.
I will recommend your product to all riders I come in contact with.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Fishburn

Nicole could you please email me a price list for both stirrups. The steel stirrups come in child and adult sizes (is that correct) and the synthetic stirrups come in weight sizing?.
We're going to Pony Club on Sunday so I hope to generate some interest, I just want to have the correct inormation to give.
I'm also participating in an equine expo on September 9th advertising my equestrian business, would you like me to endorse your product on my stand?
It has been going well with the stirrups, my eldest son has been riding in the adult steel stirrups and he actually was jumped out of the saddle went up the horses neck to fall off to the offside. His feet came out of the stirrup But upon re-mounting we noticed the stirrup had started to activate the mechanism to come undone which was great to see. Luckily for me (not for you) we haven't had many falls with either family or clients to put them to the test in that situation but they certainly have generated some discussion which is good.
Are they both Pony Club and EFA approved.
Many thanks Nicole
Cathryn Patterson

Hi Nicole

I have been on the road and got home at 11PM last night. Yes they have arrived, thank you very much.

You had already sent me samples to take with me on this road trip of which I have had an incredibly positive response. I will forward a report of the meetings and workshops over the next day or so but one lady in Scone had recently recovered from a "smashed hip", the result of being dragged. She and her husband have been involved in the horse industry all their lives and were very impressed by the design and concept. I have given her a set of the escape to trial and she has contacted me after her first ride to tell me how much more confident she is in the saddle and that they feel great to ride in!
I will be back in touch when I get myself organised...!
Thanks again Nicole for your prompt and professional service.

Dear Peter,
Your return e-mail is welcome indeed. I have been trying every source I can find. My saddle-maker gave me a list of some 50 or so stirrup distributors, and I was about to start going down the list. As a matter of fact, I went through my files for the last four years to find where I bought my SafeRiders. Unfortunately, I cannot find anything relating to that purchase. I thought I bought them from a source in Denver that handles Aussie imports, but they assure me they do not carry such a brand.
I have examined every other type of safety stirrup, and not one measures up to your SafeRiders in quality. I ordered a pair of the Kwik Outs, a German stirrup with a British name on it from what I could tell; they were good quality stainless but extremely heavy, and the instructions insisted that the rider examine the stirrups constantly as they are being used to be sure the pin is holding them together. Those stirrups were returned immediately and I went back to my search for SafeRiders.
Yes, I train problem horses---quality horses that have been messed up by owners or former trainers. Each time I get on a horse without my break-aways, a worry crosses my mind. I do not need that distraction, so I intend to have SafeRiders on all my training saddles.
Enough about me and my enthusiasm for the SafeRider. I cannot say enough about your product, and I wish I could advertise for you. That is how devoted I am. Personally, I think every rider should use your break-aways.
ORDER: I can FAX my information to you; I am not sure of your web page address. I would like two pairs. I am thrilled that you have them in Texas, the land of my birth, and I wish to purchase the stirrups as soon as possible as I am starting two beautiful wild things this week.
Thank you so much! Hooray!
All the best,

Just saw you on TV
Wish to purchase product
Peter king
DC Macedon pony club
Congratulations and well done
Will push it at our next rally
Pip pip


I had a fall from a horse three years ago , busted me up pretty bad

My new horse Ajax is 17.1 hands , so I very much liked the idea of a step
ladder included
My two daughters are Both very keen pony Clubbers
The idea of them being a colorful fashion accessory appeals to them very
Hithereto we are all very pleased with them and hope never to use them for
what they are designed for
I am looking at the applicability of the PCAV rules and Stirrups as to the
spacing required between boot and stirrup
As this is a breakaway stirrup does the spacing rule apply ?, still no
Peter King.

Hi - I am an EFA Instructor -stock horse accredited instructor- trained nurse- dressage rider -campdraft competitor ---
I live in Sydneys North and run a equestrian center - I have over thirty-five saddles, ( and twenty-eight horses and ponies); and am very interested in your "safety stirrups"- I believe many of my clients would also be interested in your product.
Could you please tell me if you have a bulk ( say ten-twenty pr) deal--- ???
Also - has the EFA given any indication of their approval of these-- as I am EFA insured and accredited-- ? same with Stock Horse Society? as I am Stock horse coach accredited?
Also -has NSW Pony Club Assoc. given any indication of approval-- as many of my younger clients ride at State level Pony Club events?
Thank-you- sounds like a great product - congratulations!
Anne-Marie Church-


I watched the invention on the inventors last night, and as I am a daily horse rider would like to no where I can purchase the stirrups. I am out in the bush on my own mostly and they would be a great benefit.
Thank you

Hi There,

Sorry did not realise that you wanted feedback. The stirrups are great, and the service was amazing. I ordered, and they were there just about straight away.
Thank you

Hi Nicole
I was so impressed with your product after watching "New Inventors" on the
ABC last night that I decided to see where I could purchase a set. I ride a
15.3 hh quarter horse, mostly in the bush and around the farm. I've had
trouble getting a saddle to fit him well, but I've recently been lent a
western saddle that seems good on him, but I'm wary about the stirrups and
the fenders not releasing if I fall off. Your stirrups should fix my
concerns about that. I want to order a pair, but I am trying to organise
evidence of my membership of Hamilton Centre of RDA first. I am a volunteer
there and treasurer - not sure if that entitles me to your discount or not.
When I hear back from RDA I'll confirm my order.

Congratulations on a great product. My husband and I think they should be
made compulsory, and considered standard safety equipment for all horse
riders just as hard hats are. We'll certainly make sure our little grandson
has them when he starts to ride (he's only 18 months now!). I'm a member of
a trail riding club, and they would be great for all those riders too.

Best wishes

Hi Nicole

Stirrups arrived today, beautifully presented. Copy of EFT below.
Thank you
Susan Jarvis

Dear Nicole

The stirrups are well made and nicely weighted. I am very happy with them.


Hi Nicole and Peter,

What a wonderful invention and so well displayed, I know how much effort you
must have gone to to get to the stage of your invention and display on the
ABC programme.

Nothing comes without great effort and you deserve all the accolades coming
your way.

Keep us posted on how you finished up with the voting, we became involved in
the State of Origin programme and did not see the end of the ABC programme.
Yes we did support your vote.

Ashley and Lorraine.

Please advise where we may purchase your excape stirrups as per new inventors last evening.
Congratulations on a wonderful invention as shown on "The New Inventors"
this evening.

Have looked at your website but didn't go into the order section as we
would like to see the colour range and
especially the leather covered escape stirrup. Do you have a brochure,
or can you advise where we might view them?
Please also quotes the prices.

Look forward to your reply, and again, well done!

Deb Matthews

Dear Peter & Nicole,

Congratulations on your Escape Stirrup. I watched your invention last night & I was really impressed. I have been
involved in the Horse Industry all my life & I believe what you have here is a life saver.
I live in Central NSW & would love to market your product, if you would like to contact me please call
Yours Sincerely
Glenys Moore

Hello, This is just a quick email to let you know how happy I am with not
only the fast and efficient service but I rode in the breakaway stirrup on
the weekend and the ladder option is worth every cent, my horse is 16h and
I am only 5"3" and lets just say a little past getting my leg up that
high, I did it but not very gracefully so I rode this weekend in them and
everyone was so impressed by them,one young lady accused me of cheating
but hey makes my life so much easier getting on and off as I trail ride
and often go through gates and I would always hide at the back so I did
not have to get off but am now happy to get on and off often,so once again
most brilliant idea in years.

PS: While I was ordering the stirrup on line a gentlemen walked into my office
and was very interested in the idea and said he had a mate that invented
something like this guess what Peter it was you and he asked me to say Hi
for him -- Bill Carwadine.

Buy for now and I will certainly be advertising your ideas through the
trail club

Pauline Fagg


I saw your product on the inventors. I am interested in your product as I
and my daughter are both beginners (and I mean beginners). I was wondering
please if you could tell me more about them, colours etc and prices as I
would be after two sets, if not three (as a friend is also interested).
Would it be possible to post this item and how much is your handling/post
fee as well. Your product looks fantastic and I think that the confidence
in people like me would definitely be increased once fitted with these.
Thanking you kindly
Kim Tayler.


I just emailed you regarding your product, I am referring to the two part
one as the step up idea is fantastic,
Thanks again
Kim Tayler

Dear Nicole.

Thankyou for the parcel which arrived this morning. Your
marketing is so good most impressive congratulations.
We are going to our daughter and grandchildren on Friday so will take the
parcel over with us for discussion, we will not be back until Tuesday when I
will be in touch with you. Do hope this is O.K with you.
We voted for your product.

Ann Campbell.


Thank you for your email regarding the breakaway stirrups. I have contacted
my local Saddleworld and they have completely sold out since The Inventors show.
My daughter weighs about 36/37kg, size 2 shoe, 9 years old.
Which size should I order?

Sonya Ling

I just picked up my escape stirrup order from the PO today and just wanted to thank you for your prompt delivery.
I'm really happy with the quality and design.
Best of luck in your future business.

Toni Patch

Hi there,

A contact of mine in Australia sent me the link to your inclusion in the ABC
'New Inventors' online page. I am currently looking to take on innovative,
welfare (horse and / or rider) enhancing products to distribute in the UK
alongside our in-house products.
Is your product currently distributed in the UK, is this something that you
would be open to, and what wholesale price would we be looking at for the
classic and escape models?
I believe that there would be a good market for the escape stirrups with the
endurance crowd over here (provided the plastic they are made from is
reasonably light-weight), and the classic would be great for PC, RC, and
perhaps SJ and eventing.
Any extra info on your product is also appreciated.
Congrats on what looks to be a great invention!

Best regards,
Trace Ward

I was very interested to see your product on the New Inventors and have
since looked at your website. I would like to know the measurements of the
escape stirrup as you seem to recommend size according to weight but my
daughter has a very broad foot but her weight falls into the medium
category. Do you still recommend having a gap of a couple of centimetres
between the foot and the edge of the stirrup?(as is the pony club
requirement). Can you tell me the three measurements across the base of the
small, medium and large escape stirrup so I know what to order.

Many thanks

Dear Nicole
Thank you for your email. We are thrilled to bits with our new stirrups! Not
only do they give us peace of mind but they are so comfortable and feel
really secure. The added bonus of being able to drop them down and use them
as a ladder to remount in the bush is another great comfort! We haven't
actually trialed the stainless steel ones yet as my daughter hasn't been
jumping recently but will do so soon. She is just really grateful to have
them as she suffered a serious injury from a horse accident last year which
involved a stirrup not releasing. So just having them will give her the
confidence to get up in the saddle and jump again. At present she is using
the western ones for bush riding and loves them. We will be showing them off
at Pony Club but just haven't made it there recently.
Thank you so much and your win on New Inventors is well deserved.



I am an Aussie Citizen residing in the UK. I noticed your product whilst
surfing the web and looking at the ABC inventions TV prog.
With a limited amount of research there doesn't seem to be a product like
yours here in the UK.
I am the director of Conforto Ltd, a small aircraft maintenance company here
in the UK and it occurred to me to at least make contact with you to explore
reselling your product in the UK. Though I am an aircraft company, as an
engineer I appreciated your designs in particular the safety element.
I do of course have access to the horse and pony fraternity here, ranging
from the polo set to riding schools and thought there maybe an opportunity
to market your product here.
If I may I'd like to leave it there as I'm sure you get lots of emails, a
seed planted.
Thanks for your time,
Toby Butler

Hello Nicole,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I thought to do a little more research here
in the UK and it seems there could be a strong market for your product.
I haven't heard from Peter Zillmer as yet though it is early days.
As a contracting engineer I do not have a website as such, though I do have
web space as a business. I would consider launching a similar site to yours,
marketing your product here though that would require some consideration on
your part but would not incur any cost as I can develop websites. If I may I
will continue with some research here but it will come to a point where I
would like to purchase a selection of your products and demonstrate them
I'll wait for your thoughts on the matter and any direction or caveats that
you may propose would be welcome.

Kind regards

Not a problem waiting for the leather ones. It's a very short delay anyway.
Used my new blueys for the first time this weekend. They were great.
Looked stylish and got quite a few comments. Also very comfortable. I
lowered the inner stirrup to help me mount - it is very handy but then my
right leg has to throw higher to get over the horse - it's a drag having
little short legs! Never mind.
Thank you for sending mine early.
Dorothy & Bill Harbour


Got our leather stirrups in the mail yesterday; thank you.
Very impressed with the quality. Outstanding craftsmanship.
Bill was very pleased and will put them on ready for the next ride at the
end of August and then a two week ongoing trail ride from September 6 to
13th near Mildura.

Dorothy & Bill Harbour

Dear Nicole

Thankyou for your email. Yes I am very happy with the stirrups I
recently purchased. They are comfortable to ride in but as yet I,
fortunately, haven't needed to test their release mechanism! I have
though used the 'ladder' to get on a tall horse. Much easier than
scrambling and a lot more dignified.


Hi Nicole,

Thanks for the opportunity to leave some comments. So far I am very happy
with my purchase as the stirrups look good and are very comfortable to ride
in. My husband (who is an Mechanical Engineer) is very impressed with the
quality and design. The do not look bulky and my friends have been
impressed too. The order process and freight up to Mount Isa was also
pretty quick which is always a good thing as we are so far away.
I am hoping that I won't need to test them out in a real emergency, but it
is nice to know that if that does happen I will not be dragged in the
process. My husband is also happy to have some piece of mind especially as
my ex-race mare can be unpredictable at times. I guess the only negative
comment is that I can't afford to have a pair on all of my saddles, but at
least I have one pair and it is a small price to pay if it saves your


Love the smartriders.
Fantastic invention.
I have told everyone about them and will definitely recommend them to people.

Sue Parkinson

Hi there,

May I say you have done a wonderful job with these products and you must
be congratulated.
I just wanted to ask if you were going to produce the smart rider escape
in metal as you have with you smart rider classic. It would save me the
embarrassment of having to find something to help me mount my horse in

Many thanks
Treeless Saddles

Dear Mr HP,

As a regular reader of your site I noticed someone concern about the stirrup attachment on the Barefoot Cheyenne as there is no ‘release’. I purchased a Barerfoot Cheyenne saddle and went in search of a TRUE safety stirrup that you could not get hung up in. I looked at so many different designs and was not happy with any until I came across little known AUSTRALIAN designed safety stirrups by Smartrider. They have two types they have the Smartrider ‘Escape’ and the Smartrider ‘Breakaway’ stirrup . I bought the Escape to go with my Barefoot saddle and have been wrapped,this one also ‘doubles’ as a ladder (has to be seen to be believed ) to give you the extra 2-3 inches you may need to mount the taller horse and save re-adjusting once mounted. I was so impressed I bought another set for my stock saddle and have also purchased their breakaway stirrup made of marine grade stainless steel to go with my English saddle. Check out their website for demonstrations of how these stirrups work to keep riders from becoming trapped and dragged.They are also really pleasant people to deal with.

Hope this helps some readers,I think it’s great an Aussie has come up with this excellent design,we should support them,